Get to know us

Born in the mountains between France and Spain, Andrea comes from a small country called Andorra. She discovers surfing right after college, thanks to her mom who had started surfing a couple of years before and invited her on a trip to Nosara, Costa Rica. She deeply fell in love with the place and every blessing surfing brought her... it became a real passion.
A few years later, she moved to Brazil where she got ask to model for a bathing suit collection.
Into fashion and drawing since childhood, this behind-the-scenes experience felt like a dream to her, and she ended up having the opportunity to design some surfing suits. She chose fabrics and drew samples, then worked out improvements and adjustments with the seamstress. It had always been difficult for her to find the perfect swimsuit for surfing, one that is both functional, elegant and feminine.
After creating her first small collection, she took her suits on surf trips to Biarritz in France, Nosara and Pavones in Costa Rica and the Canary Islands in Spain, testing the potential of these suits.
She decided to develop her ideas a little more in Brazil before moving to Costa Rica where she ended up dedicating herself to the brand. Very close to the seamstresses and to Cristina, her mother, this woman's company has been putting lot of love to grow the brand in the most ethical and beautiful way.
The first store opened its doors in April 2023 in Nosara, making one of its biggest dreams come true. We hope you feel the love and dedication in each piece <3